This is why Microsoft is the leader in BI

For over ten years, Microsoft has been praised by renowned consulting firm Gartner as a leader in Business Intelligence. A complete vision on BI that is applied in powerful products. But what makes Microsoft better and more successful than the competition?

With Power BI, Microsoft succeeds in fulfilling the desire of end users to easily create their own reports and dashboards with interactive visualizations and Business Intelligence capabilities. Hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide work with Power BI and these are the main reasons why:

Easy for beginning end users, advanced for BI experts

Power BI is user-friendly and integrates perfectly with other Microsoft tools. As a result, it is quickly picked up by every end user. But even though it is easy to use, the capabilities are comprehensive. Data can be turned into powerful management reports, clear visualizations and customized dashboards. And in its range of Power BI solutions, Microsoft takes all types of companies and users into account. From Power BI Desktop to advanced premium solutions for experienced BI specialists.

Extensive analytics capabilities

BI must provide insights that contribute to making better decisions. And thanks to the extensive analytics capabilities, this is easier with Power BI than with any other tool. The technology behind Power BI is flexible and integrates perfectly with other Microsoft solutions (e.g. Excel) for streamlined deployment of Power BI within your organization. The reports, visualizations and dashboards are easy to create, easy to interpret and easy to adjust. Users can monitor, analyze and respond to the performance of the company whenever and wherever they need to.

"With Power BI, data can be turned into powerful management reports, clear visualizations and customized dashboards."

Central management and worldwide deployment

Microsoft’s Power BI can be deployed quickly, and the content can be distributed and published throughout the organization in no time. Power BI can be managed centrally whilst deploying the solution globally without having to worry about the quality, performance or security of the product. Use the same methods worldwide to analyze, interpret and turn data into decisions that help the organization move forward.

Secure and reliable

With Power BI you are assured that you meet the most stringent requirements in terms of legislation and security. The business-critical information of organizations is stored in a safe place and you have full control over who accesses and uses the data.

Dysel deploys Power BI at equipment dealerships to give them more control over their company, to provide insight into their performance and to help them take better decisions. Want to know more? Try our BI demo and contact us.

Bjorn Schouten is Business Intelligence Consultant at Dysel and helps customers to turn data into valuable management information.