These are your ERP support options

Support is of crucial importance when using ERP software. After all, you want to take full advantage of your system. There are many ways to ensure that you are quickly helped with your questions and problems related to your ERP system.

Fix it yourself!

Nothing is as quick and easy as answering questions yourself. There are more and more options for self-service with ERP software. A few examples:

- FAQs: you might find the answer in the 'Frequently Asked Questions' of your software partner
- Work instructions: processes are explained step by step, from beginning to end, understandable for every end user. These can also be integrated as video instructions in the ERP system, how easy is that.
- Tool tips: informative text that appears when you hover over an item or field
- F1 help function (just like Microsoft Office): simply click F1 for direct support and explanation regarding the module or table where you are at.
- Google: If you work with a popular ERP system, chances are that you can find information online via fora, videos or user groups.

Ask a colleague

ERP software is used throughout the whole organization. If you do not know the answer yourself, just ask your colleagues to help you:

- Key users: the key users have played a prominent role in the implementation or upgrade of the ERP system. They have been working on the business processes and the functionalities of the system.
- IT department: unable to login to the system? Is the system running slow? If your question is of a technical nature, it is best to contact the internal IT department.
- Process specialists: whenever you get stuck in a process, remember which colleague is specialized in that specific process. Who runs this process every single day and therefore undoubtedly knows what to do?

Ask the ERP partner

Of course there is always your ERP partner who can help you:

- Support portal: Many ERP partners provide an online portal to their customers where answers can be found and questions can be raised 24/7.
- Support desk: The support desk can answer your question instantly or ensure that your issue is brought to the attention of a specialist.
- Consultant: The consultant knows the software and processes better than anyone else does and is therefore the right person to solve every problem for you.

Tamara de Jong is Product Development Coordinator at Dysel and monitors the process of product development from concept to end result.

Tamara de Jong

Product Manager

Tamara de Jong has been working at Dysel since 2016. In the role of Product Manager, she is responsible for the development department, monitors the quality of the software and sets priorities for new developments. Tamara is passionate and accurate. Together with her team she strives for top quality, always in cooperation with other teams and with the interests of the customer first.

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