The ROI of service management software

On the service department it is all about working efficiently; that way you provide the best and fastest service for your customers at the lowest cost. It is therefore the ideal department for maximizing the return on investment on your software purchases.

Do more in less time

Effective service management software allows you to do more with your time and work more efficiently. By setting up processes the right way and supporting the processes with smart and powerful software solutions you can realize:

  • A higher revenue because your technicians become more productive and you can work with more technicians without diminishing the quality of the service you provide;
  • A decrease in costs as your people will spend less time on planning, invoicing and administrative handling of the service jobs.


Quick payback

Although the investment in service management software is significant, you will see that this can be earned back quickly. You can estimate in advance what benefits you expect to achieve with the software, what the costs of your investment are and what therefore the expected return on investment is. Calculate, for example, how much money you can make on the issues below:

  • The increased productivity of the field service technicians;
  • The increase in the number of billable service hours;
  • The reduced overhead costs for planning, invoicing and administration;
  • The shorter lead time between executing work orders and invoicing.


Just calculate how much money your organization would make per year with a 5% increase of the productivity of your technicians and you will see that the investment is well spent.

Additional benefits

Investing in service management software provides additional benefits that you will not instantly think about, such as employees having more fun performing their job and more satisfied customers. It is difficult to quantify these benefits in an ROI calculation, but it should certainly be taken into account.

So, if your organization is questioning in what projects to invest, it might be a good idea to take a critical look at the automation of your service department. Do you think you can work more efficiently and bring the service to a higher level by using a quality software solution? Do not hesitate, but go for it!

Rahana Soedhoe is Senior Consultant at Dysel and helps organizations to work more efficiently with the companywide deployment of software applications.




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