The power of webinars

A webinar is an excellent tool to inform, connect with and eventually sell to a diverse group at low costs. Regardless of the industry in which you work and the customers you serve; webinars can give your marketing and sales efforts a big boost.

Connect with a broad audience at low costs

A webinar is an online event in which you invite prospects and customers to tell them more about your products and services, share your knowledge and expertise with them or try to show them why they should work with you. A webinar makes it possible to inform a large and diverse group of people anywhere in the world in a short time.

For various purposes

Whether you want to spread knowledge or attract new customers, it is all possible with webinars.

  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Generate new leads or prospects
  • Strengthen the relationship with customers, often by informing them or sharing your expertise on an important subject with them
  • Promote a new product or service to new and/or existing customers
  • Move prospects to the next stage in the sales cycle, they might for example already know you and now want to know if there really is a match with their needs

What do you have to offer?

To make a webinar successful, you need to be very clear about the value you have to offer to your audience. Do not focus on your company, product or service, but explain and prove why they should buy from you. With a webinar that is extra important, because your audience is gone with just one mouse click. The time and effort they have had to put in attending the event is minimal and if your message is not convincing, they will be gone in no time.

"Do not focus on your company, product or service, but explain and prove why they should buy from you."

Take care of the entire process

Organizing a webinar involves more than just the presentation during the webinar. Decide on the target group, invite people, promote the webinar, arrange the registration process with invitations, confirmation emails and easy access to the webinar. And afterwards a thank you, an evaluation form and of course the follow-up.

Make it a pleasant or even a fun experience

The fact that you have a clear business goal in mind with webinars does not mean that it must be a formal event. With enthusiasm, spirit and even a little humor it becomes fun for the audience. And that increases your chance of success. A fun message lingers better and ensures a positive association with your company.

Remko Gaastra is President of Dysel North America. He leads a team of industry experts to make equipment dealers in North America more successful.

Remko Gaastra

Chief Executive Officer

Remko Gaastra joined Dysel in 2014 to manage Dysel North America and global marketing and sales. His previous entrepreneurial successes make Remko with over 30 years of experience in sales, business development, and management a perfect partner for anyone who wants to grow his/her business. He knows how IT can make a difference but is also aware of the risks. Since January 1, 2020, Remko is CEO at Dysel.

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