The power of web services

For nearly all organizations exchanging information with other parties is becoming increasingly important. Due to technological developments in the last few decades this has become much easier. The deployment of web services plays an important role. Communication between systems goes fast and easy, which saves you time and prevents mistakes.

What is a web service?

A web service is an application in which - based on a question-and-answer model - services are provided without human intervention. Thus, a web service enables you to remotely (via the Internet) ask for a service from a client to a server. For instance for making a calculation, sending data or performing tasks.

What are web services used for?

Web services are used more and more. Often without us being aware of it. For example when booking a flight or a hotel room, or when adding complete address info to a zip code and house number. Placing an online order at a supermarket operates through an interface as well.

D2V interfaces

Web services are of particular interest for many companies in the development of Dealer-to-Vendor (D2V) interfaces. These interfaces are deployed to make the data exchange between dealer and manufacturer/supplier faster and easier. This could include configuring your order on the website of the manufacturer after which you import this information automatically into your own system. Also think about a price and availability check or ask the supplier for the expected delivery date and time and then place the order using your own system. And for retrieving and importing packing slips and invoices D2V interfaces can be used as well.

Important to know

Creating an interface using web services requires input and cooperation of both parties; it is a two-way process. If both parties are willing to share data and work on the interface together, it can be designed and tested. The return of investment on the development of interfaces is high as it brings you time savings and a decrease in mistakes.

Peter Conijn is Developer at Dysel and turns modern technology into practical and useful applications for customers.