The importance of innovative technology in software

One of the most underrated aspects when it comes to software is the importance of modern technology. "If it works, then it is ok" is what many people say. But that philosophy will impose serious constraints on your organization. If you truly want to be successful, you should use innovative technologies.

Be ahead of the competition

Using the right software, whether that is Office, ERP, CRM or a mobile application, allows you to gain a competitive advantage. Better automated processes lead to a better operating organization and better service to your customers. Outdated software usually means losing your competitive edge or even falling behind of the competition. If the competitor can deliver within a week, but you need two weeks, it will cost you money.

Do not get limited in possibilities

New technologies bring new opportunities. Technological developments are brought to the market at an accelerating pace, making it increasingly import to keep track of these developments. Software based on outdated technology can limit your opportunities. For example because the software is not compatible with a particular operating system or because it cannot communicate with a newer application or is unable to facilitate new features.

Speed and decisiveness

Slow, malfunctioning software causes a lot of wasted time and frustration. When you work with modern, innovative software and make sure that other conditions, such as hardware and connections are up to date, you can act faster as an organization and work with more fun and convenience with the software.

Security and reliability

Security is perhaps the most important reason to choose software based on modern technology. With outdated software, you run the risk of security threats and vulnerabilities. The system can also become unstable, be down more often and lower the productivity. You also run the risk that the data in your system can no longer be used after a while and cannot be converted to another system.

Enough reasons to already look at the future when you buy new software. Can you regularly get updates of the system? Does the supplier of the software stand for continuity and innovation? What are the risks for my organization if I do not upgrade? These may not be the first questions that arise when purchasing software, but it surely is important to keep in mind.

Philip van Kemenade is marketer at Dysel and is in contact with software end users every day.