The best software for your equipment organization

A new year brings new opportunities. It is time to get the most out of your equipment organization. Choose for a software solution that gives you control over your equipment, that makes your processes more efficient and that enables you to take the best decisions.

Choose for user-friendly software

A great user experience should be one of the top priorities when choosing a new system. Not only because it is pleasant to work with, but because it offers so many more benefits. Software that is easy to learn and use saves you a lot of time and money in the implementation project. Also, the system setup will be easier. Training key users and the rest of the organization goes faster. You are less dependent on support from your software partner. Extensions and upgrades become easier. And new employees are faster up and running. Ultimately, you will benefit from the user-friendliness throughout the entire lifecycle of the software.

Choose for industry-specific software

Generic software does not meet the requirements of equipment dealers. Each department has specific requirements and wishes that are unique in this industry. An industry-specific software solution developed and supported by a software partner with knowledge and experience in the equipment industry is therefore a must. When the system is being successfully used by multiple equipment dealers for many years, it is very likely that there is a match with your company.

'The strength of equipment management software is that you can manage the entire company with it."

Choose for complete software

Equipment dealers have a great diversity in business processes. Financial and administrative processes of course, but also (field) service, rental, sales, parts, transport, inventory management, fleet management, etc. The strength of equipment management software is that you can manage the entire company with it. So, no separate accounting software, rental system or service planning tool. By opting for a complete system, you can take maximum advantage of centralized information and coordinated processes.

Choose for flexible software

You don't take the decision for new business software every year. Many equipment dealers work with their system for more than 5 or even more than 10 years. But the requirements you set for the software now are not the same as the requirements you will have in the future. Therefore, choose a system that grows with you. It is important that you can easily up- and downscale the number of users. System upgrades should happen quickly, easily and periodically, and if possible automatically. And additional solutions, also from third parties, should be connected to your system without any problem.

Choose for future-proof software

With new software you want your organization to be ready for the future. Ready to beat the competition. A modern system, which is used all over the world, with an active user community and driven by continuous innovation, contributes to a bright future. Software based on outdated technology, a limited group of users and without a clear product roadmap, is a major risk for your company.

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