The 5 benefits of scrum development

Scrum is an effective and flexible method for developing software in a team. Together with a multidisciplinary team you work in short "sprints"  of two or three weeks on the development of a specific piece of software. From idea or concept to a fully developed solution including documentation. This offers benefits for the software developer and as a consequence for the customer as well:

1.Increased productivity

With the scrum method you work in a multidisciplinary, self-directed team. Everyone is actively involved in planning and dividing the tasks and identifying any obstacles that might arise. The aim is to achieve the best result by working closely together (as a team). The knowledge required for the software development is present in the team, making the team fully self-directed and self-reliant.

2.Increased flexibility

Scrum development offers flexibility in software development. The activities that need to be performed in the sprint are continuously prioritized. Important issues that need immediate attention do not need to wait, but can be included in the next sprint. And if what has been delivered after a sprint does not meet the requirements, then there is the possibility to immediately change the direction of the development in the next sprint.

3.A working product in a short time

The result of a sprint of two or three weeks is a product that is completely ready to use. The software has been tested, functions completely and is delivered together with the documentation. Thus instantly available to use. No need to wait many months for a release or new version, but quickly get the solution you need.

4.Clear insight into the project progress

Scrum development is about pursuing accurately defined goals. These goals are set by the sprint team together with the customer. Therefore, everyone has the same goals, which means you jointly pursue the same. The scrum team also discusses the activities on a daily basis and the progress of the project and shares this information with the customer.

5.Develop only what you need

With scrum you only develop what you actually need. Each sprint is being evaluated by the team and together with the customer. This provides the opportunity to give feedback and make changes in the development. This will ultimately lead to a product that is exactly in line with the demands and expectations.

Thijs Hensbroek is Application Developer at Dysel and creates software solutions that support customers in reaching their goals.