Support throughout the lifecycle of your software

After the implementation of your business software, training and support are imperative throughout the lifecycle of your software. You want to make sure you gain maximum value from the software, now and in the future. Your company will receive the maximum benefit from the software when support, training, and consulting are available throughout the lifecycle of your software.

Don’t limit training to the implementation project

Software training helps your people to understand the business processes they run and shows them how the software system supports these processes. It will make your people happier, more motivated, and finally: more productive. Practical training results in a return of value to the organization; it can be higher than the initial investment to produce or administer the training. With new versions of the software, extra modules and functionalities, new staff members, and changing business needs, training cannot be limited to the implementation project but is a necessary component throughout the entire lifecycle of your software.

"Software training will make your people happier, more motivated, and finally: more productive."

You need (and demand) top quality support

Software is of crucial importance to your business. If you cannot complete a process in the software, because you run across a bug or error or don’t understand the system, that is frustrating, and it costs time and thus money. In that case, you want to be helped quickly by an expert. Make sure that your business software partner has a dedicated support desk with qualified and experienced employees. They must understand the importance of the software for your organization and you personally, and they must be able to help you instantly or arrange the help from an expert consultant and keep you up to date about the progress.

In close contact with the consultant

Throughout the year, you should be in constant contact with your software provider, successfully keeping the communication going throughout the lifecycle of your software. Together with the business consultant of your software provider, you should focus on the value and return on investment of the business software by discussing the questions below:

  • What effects has the system had on your business throughout the year?
  • Is the software making your business more productive?
  • Is it adding value to your business?
  • Are new developments needed in the system to make your business more effective?
  • Are employees using the system effectively?

The answers to these questions help you define your next steps and optimization projects. The consultant helps to design the framework for planning, analysis, implementation, testing, monitoring, and finally delivering a quality product to end-users. Your focus and thus, the focus of your business software provider is on achieving your ambitions. Implementing a state-of-the-art business system, providing the right education and training to your staff, and providing top-quality support will help you reach your goals.

April Potts is responsible for Marketing & Sales at Dysel North America and combines experiences in marketing, at dealerships and with ERP software to help dealerships move their business forward.