There is nothing wrong with overthinking from time to time what you have achieved in your life. The problems you've overcome, the goals you've accomplished, and the successes you've achieved. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy and relax. But what you should avoid is resignation; simply accepting the way things are and putting no more effort in it to get more out of it. Personally, I always go for the maximum. I am always looking for ways to improve and setting new targets. “Push it to the max” is what I call that.

It’s just like top-level sport

It's hard to reach the top, but it's even harder to stay there. We see this all around us. Only few companies dominate their industry for decades. Often companies fail because they hold on to successes of the past for too long. Think for example about Xerox, Blackberry and Nokia. In sports, it's also a big challenge to become the best, but maybe even more difficult to stay on top. Why is Cristiano Ronaldo an absolute top football player for so many years now? Of course, his natural born talent plays an important role, but undoubtedly his drive, his urge for perfection, and his determination to not settle for less than the best also contributes to this.

Small improvements make the difference

Also within the organization you work the aim should be to continuously improve. Preferably big improvements of course, but sometimes it's the small adjustments that make the difference with the competition. Demonstrate that you are the frontrunner of the industry and the leading party in the market. Set an example for your customers, suppliers, and partners of how business should be done an inspire everybody in your environment. That's what it's all about.

A critical look at the organization

In my role as a service manager, I help organizations to get the most out of their automation environment. What many businesses tend to forget is that this requires you to continuously evaluate your business processes and look at how they are supported. Many organizations lean backwards as soon as the automation does what it’s supposed to do and processes are running without too much trouble. But stagnation means decline. Keep optimizing the processes; how can it be done faster, better and more successful. Continue to implement new tools and improve existing applications. Find ways to make the organization even more effective and thus more successful. Again, push it to the max.

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Teun Arts is Service Manager at Dysel and it is his job to ensure that customers make optimal use of the software, now and in the future.