One Dealer Management System to manage your entire business

In sales, rental and service of machines and equipment, you get to deal with many different processes. It might seem impossible to properly automate and manage all these processes. But if you want to have full control over your operations, you need one complete Dealer Management System.

Many departments, processes, requirements and wishes

Take a tour through your equipment dealership and ask people in every department about the processes they carry out, documents they use and reports they consult. Parts and equipment purchasing, parts and equipment quoting and sales, the complete rental process, accounting, planning, executing and administrative processing of work orders, inventory management, contact with customers, suppliers and partners, contract management, fleet management, etc. The biggest challenge for your organization is to have all these diverse processes under control, so that they are carried out correctly and on time.

Complex integrations and missing information

It is difficult to find a single system that is capable to support and manage all these processes. Often, this leads to one of the following decisions:

  1. Different systems, e.g. a financial system, a rental solution and a service planning system, which are then connected to each other.
  2. A Dealer Management System with limitations where it is accepted that some processes are not or merely supported.
  3. A Dealer Management System for which a lot of customizations are developed.

Although these choices are all meant to make things easier, they only make the problem even bigger. Option 1 leads to complex and expensive integrations that moreover cannot compete with one central system. Option 2 is to use a DMS without taking advantage of the most important benefit of a DMS – to control ALL business processes. And option 3 is complex and expensive in terms of development and maintenance.

"In 2021, having one complete, user-friendly, and modern Dealer Management System is more important than ever."

Go for one Dealer Management System

The most important problem of all the choices above is that they do not offer what your equipment dealership really needs: complete insight into your equipment from every department and throughout the entire life cycle. To become more successful, you must really go for one single Dealer Management System that can deal with the challenges of sales, rental, service, parts, finance and all other topics that are daily business for equipment dealers.

More important than ever

In 2021, having one complete, user-friendly, and modern Dealer Management System is more important than ever. First, because it has become increasingly difficult for equipment dealers to distinguish themselves from the competition. The quality of equipment has increased (there are no more low-quality brands) and the margins on sales of new equipment are under enormous pressure. Then what can equipment dealers make a profit with? Providing excellent service, offering flexible rental and leasing options, and fast and accurate spare parts delivery. Exactly the kind of things that you need a Dealer Management System for.

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