Key steps to learn how to use new business software

A new business system takes some to get used to. A new user interface, some processes are different, you cannot find that function you are looking for, you need to get used to the new features, etc. How do you ensure that during the transition to a new business system you, as a user, are fully in control over the system?

Make sure you understand and fully support the new way of working

A new business system entails a new way of working. And it should be an improvement. A better automated, more efficient and / or more effective process. If you want to be in control from the start, it is important to understand the new way of working. So, do not simply accept the change, but think about it carefully, even contribute with your thoughts and then fully stand behind how the new system supports your business. Perhaps because it saves time, reduces errors, facilitates cooperation or leads to more satisfied customers.

Get the most out of the workshops with the consultant

The business consultant of your software partner is specialized in the new system, but especially also in the new processes. During the training and workshops with the consultant you will learn the new way of working and get an understanding of the benefits. Prepare yourself well for these workshops, be sharp and alert, and discuss what is important to you. Do not see the workshops as an annoying extra burden in addition to your daily activities, but as a perfect opportunity to make your work more pleasant and to make the organization more successful.

"After the go-live you are confronted with reality: that one exception in the process that you did not think about."

Train, document and learn yourself

The transfer of knowledge by the consultant is not enough when moving towards the go-live with the new business system. You will have to do some work yourself. Go through the processes, test whether exceptions in processes are possible, test the new system from all perspectives and make it your own. In addition to the standard documentation of your software partner, it is also important to document yourself what you do in the system, how you do this and why. You can always rely on that when the new software is put into use.

Use training on the job and optimize the way of working

There is no better time to test the software than shortly after the go-live. Of course, you have already tested extensively before that, but that was based on what you thought you should test. After the go-live you are confronted with reality: that one exception in the process that you did not think about. Make sure a business consultant is standby to help you through this. And use this phase to learn where the system should function slightly differently than you thought. In other words, optimize the system and the processes. After all, sitting still is going backwards!