Keep your mobile field service solution simple

Automating the work of service technicians in the workplace and in the field with a field service solution yields some important advantages. But the key to success is simplicity. Only then will the use of the field service solution become a success.

Simple processes

Nobody likes complex processes. But in the automation of service processes it can really be disastrous. In the first place, because service technicians want to spend their time on their actual job: service and maintenance work. The field service solution should not cost them too much time and should not hinder them in their work. Secondly, speed and efficiency are crucial in service. By keeping processes simple you save time and you are faster and more flexible than the competition.

Simple interface

Service technicians are not software experts. And they don't have to be. Provide them with a simple and intuitive system that they understand quickly and where they are well guided in the steps they must undertake. Delete unnecessary options and buttons and ensure a clear navigation. Based on the training duration you can measure whether an application has a simple interface or not; can you send your technicians on the road within a few hours or do they need to follow courses of a few days or even weeks?

Short learning curve increases acceptance

Make the field service solution available on easy-to-use devices, such as smartphones and tablets. That, together with the intuitive user interface and easily set up processes, will ensure that the learning curve is minimal. Ideal when you introduce the field service solution to the organization, but also with respect to the future when you will train new employees. A short learning curve reduces the resistance of employees and increases the chance of acceptance or even enthusiasm among users. It is important to listen to the resistance of technicians to automation and to change. By making them realize that the barrier to change is not high and, moreover, it positively impacts their jobs in the form of convenience and time saving, you have a better chance of success.

Simplicity saves costs

Simplicity saves costs, also in the automation of (field) service:

  • Just a brief explanation and training is enough to get users started
  • Users encounter few problems or questions during usage
  • Bykeeping it simple, you don’t need expensive features or customized functionalities
  • Fewer mistakes will be made when you keep it simple
  • In the future, upgrading the system goes fast and is cheap

Arend Jan Boersma is Senior Consultant at Dysel and specialized in optimizing and automating (field) service processes.