Is your Dealer Management System up to date?

For many equipment dealers, perfectly organizing business processes plus supporting them with a top-quality dealer management system (DMS) is a major challenge. Let alone to keep up with new versions of the DMS. Yet, that is also important; an up to date DMS. Here are four reasons why:

1. New wishes require new software

The requirements and wishes you set for software are constantly changing. Due to technological developments, new regulations, requirements from customers and suppliers or changes in your own organization. Where you used to send invoices by post years ago, you now want to send them by e-mail and (eventually) you want to start invoicing electronically. These and many other changing demands and wishes continuously require development of the software. With a DMS based on Microsoft technology such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can be sure that a large team is working on product development. Add to that the industry knowledge of your local partner and you continue to meet new requirements.

2. Safety and reliability are extra important with a DMS

Your DMS contains a lot of information. About customers, potential customers, suppliers, partners, equipment, parts, contracts, work orders, etc. This information must be reliable and accurate, but above all saved securely to prevent it from being lost or hacked. An up to date DMS is safer and more reliable than an outdated DMS. The older the software, the more vulnerable it becomes to security problems and data breaches. Where that might not be a big concern with some systems, for your DMS it can have enormous consequences if the security is no longer assured.

"A wide range of equipment, flexible rental and lease options, and 24/7 service are not enough for a competitive advantage."

3. Performance of DMS is crucial for your company

Almost all your people work with the DMS every day. From administration to sales, from rental to service. When your system is slow or often freezes or fails, this has unpleasant consequences. It costs time, causes frustrations, can lead to extra work outside of the system, or even causes an immediate loss of profit if the system breakdown takes too long. Therefore, the performance of your DMS must be very good. And the newer the version of your DMS, the better the performance. Upgrading to new versions is not just about new features and capabilities, but also about having a fast and reliable system you can trust on.

4. You want to be the best

The main reason for an up to date DMS: you want to be the best! And for that you need to continuously improve. Optimize your processes and work with the best DMS for equipment dealers available. Now and in the future. Because a wide range of equipment, flexible rental and lease options, and 24/7 service are not enough for a competitive advantage. The software might make a difference. So, choose a complete DMS, developed by an experienced and knowledgeable partner with a proven track record in your industry, continue to improve processes and make sure the automation facilitates your processes optimally.