How complete is your ERP system?

With ERP software you can increase your organization's productivity, control costs and optimally serve your customers. To achieve this, an ERP system is an integrated software solution that can support almost all processes within your organization. In other words; a complete solution. But how complete is your ERP system actually? There is no question that your important everyday processes are supported by the system, but how well have you taken care of these three issues?:

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Your ERP software provides true value when you can accurately analyze the information stored in the system and present it in management reports. You need specific features or tools for this. It is also important that how the data is stored in the system enables reporting and analysis (in a convenient way). Organizations that want to remain competitive recognize the importance of investing in analysis and visualization tools to gain important insights from data and they select a modern and powerful reporting and BI platform.

Communication with other parties

Every day your organization is in contact with several other parties. For example customers, prospects, suppliers, manufacturers and partners. Communicating effectively and exchanging data with these parties efficiently can offer many benefits. Think about creating quotes and orders in the system and sending these out directly, interfaces with systems of manufacturers and suppliers, and the deployment of a customer or vendor portal. You will save time (and money) and your organization can operate much faster and more agile.

Mobile access

We no longer access ERP software solely on the computer in the office. We also want access to the system on the road or at home, in the evenings or weekends. The manager looks at KPIs and reports at home on the couch, the salesperson is looking for customer information on the road and the technician can complete the work order on site. Mobile access to the ERP system becomes increasingly important and offers you several benefits.

Does your ERP system facilitate powerful reporting and analysis, efficient communication with other parties and easy mobile access for any type of user? Then you are a few steps closer to a complete system!

Philip van Kemenade is marketer at Dysel and is in contact with software end users every day.