From ERP vendor to ERP partner

Traditionally, software companies are regarded as vendors. They develop products and deliver these to the customer. But to what extent can and may an ERP specialist be considered a supplier? Nowadays, the strategic importance of ERP software is increasing for any organization, small or large. That is because ERP supports your entire organization including the financial processes. It has therefore become even more important to build a strong partnership with your "vendor". But what is the difference between a vendor and a partner?

A partner sets the bar higher

From an ERP partner you may expect more than just automating the existing processes within your organization. You want to grow with ERP and thus set the bar higher. An ERP partner invests time to get to know your organization, shares ideas and thoughts with you and looks critically at your processes. Where could we improve? Which processes can go faster and better? The ERP partner lifts your organization to a higher level by providing you with the right knowledge and resources. And that does not stop when you go live; especially after the go-live, your ERP partner will look together with you for possible optimizations and how innovative software solutions can contribute to the company's growth targets.

Strategic business partner

An ERP partner is not an IT partner but a strategic business partner. The software is only a means, successful growth is the objective. Together you strive for this shared goal. Therefore, make sure you involve the ERP partner in the organization’s strategic plans. Where do you want to be with your company in 5 years from now? And 10 years from now? It is very likely your plans affect the requirements to the software. By discussing all of this with your ERP partner you are well prepared.

The power of partnership

Let’s take for example the Red Bull F1 Racing Team and Renault in this Formula 1 season. The test weeks in Barcelona were a little bit disappointing, which caused many people to state that this season would be a disaster. However, the strong partnership has proved capable of intensifying cooperation between the teams, resulting in some significant steps towards closing the gap with Mercedes and Ferrari. As a result, we have witnessed some great performances in the last couple of races with the miracle of China (3rd place for our Dutchman Max Verstappen, leaving from the 16th starting spot) as a preliminary highlight. Progress has yet to be made, but they work hard on creating a "winning team" and that is what partnership is all about.

Teun Arts is Service Manager at Dysel and it is his job to ensure that customers make optimal use of the software, now and in the future.