ERP software and the continuity of your organization

Decisions regarding Enterprise Resource Planning are long-term. After all, ERP is about the vital processes and procedures that impact the success of your organization in the future. But what factors do you have to take into account with ERP software to guarantee the continuity of your organization?


Choose an ERP system that has been developed on a reliable and strong platform, which is used all over the world. It is important that the technology behind the system not only functions properly, but that it is also used worldwide and supported for many years to come. When you use popular and successful technology in your organization, you also make things easy for your employees. They will quickly get to know the ERP system and enjoy working with it. In addition, communication with customers, partners and suppliers becomes easier and if the ERP system is compatible with other systems and technologies in your company, this provides advantages in efficiency and quality.


ERP software facilitates your business processes. However, the way in which these business processes are supported is different per system. That is why it is important to work with a partner who understands your organization. A partner that is not only specialized in software and IT, but also in processes and strategy. A business partner thus. You need a strong business partner who has a lot of experience in your industry and who has developed a unique ERP solution for your type of organization. Together you can implement the best practices of the industry, which are fully supported by the software. This will keep you competitive and profitable in the long run.

"With ERP software, it is important to not only consider the here and now, but also to be prepared for the future."


An underestimated factor in ERP projects is the importance of support. Successfully completing an ERP project within budget and within scope is one thing, but what happens next? The right support is crucial if you want to continue to benefit from a powerful ERP system. Do you need to call an external agency on the other side of the world for support? Or can you rely on in-house support from experienced, knowledgeable employees who are backed up by a team of technical, functional and business specialists? That makes quite a difference. The support channels you have, such as telephone, e-mail and a support site, are also important. And whether you sign a Support Level Agreement, so that you know what you can expect.


Software is constantly in need of improvement and innovation because new technologies and features follow each other at lightning speed. Therefore, you need to have a clear vision of where you are heading to with your ERP system in your organization. When can you expect new releases, why are they of added value to you and what does an upgrade project require from you in terms of money and commitment from your staff?

With ERP software, it is important to not only consider the here and now, but also to be prepared for the future. The continuity of your organization is at stake and ERP software can be fatal for your company or deliver enormous successes.