ERP implementation ahead? Be prepared!

The implementation of an ERP system is an exciting time for many organizations. The new software package brings a lot of progress, but it also requires describing and optimizing business processes, change management in the organization and of course the time, energy and adaptability of the employees. In short, the whole business has their hands full of the ERP implementation. In that case, a good preparation is half the work.

An IT environment that is ready for the project

Make sure that the IT infrastructure is checked before starting the project and, if necessary, make additional investments. All hardware, such as servers, computers and mobile devices must meet the minimum requirements. All software applications that are required, such as Windows, Outlook, Word and Excel must be available. And all connections, such as wifi, remote desktop and / or vpn should work perfectly. Start your checkup well before the start of the ERP implementation so you have enough time to test, install, and, if necessary, invest. Also consult your ERP partner regularly so that you do not overlook anything, but also will not make unnecessary expenses.

Employees with energy, knowledge and time

Your employees must be prepared as well. Compile a project team with skilled people who have a positive attitude and have enough time to perform the tasks expected from them. The project team members must have a thorough knowledge of the processes in their own department and throughout the rest of the organization. In addition, it is important that they realize the added value of the ERP system and start the project with a positive spirit. Time is perhaps the most underestimated factor. Your people are usually one or more days a week busy with the ERP project for several months. Free them up for the project and ensure that other employees take over parts of their work.

On schedule with the consultant

When your organization is fully prepared as soon as the consultant comes over for the first time, you can immediately kick off. Nothing is so frustrating as being hampered and delayed by poor connections, missing software programs or project team members being too busy. In addition, it means that the budget of the project gets under pressure and that the target date for go-live is in danger. With a tight and thorough preparation, you will avoid many problems and increase the chance of success in your ERP implementation.

Want to know if your organization is ready for the upcoming ERP implementation? Contact me, together with my colleagues I will be happy to help you with the preparations.

Luuk Busschers is Consultant at Dysel and helps customers to achieve their goals by using industry-specific ERP software.