Centralized pricing management in Business Central

Microsoft is continuously improving and expanding Business Central. At Dysel we follow these developments closely. We anticipate timely, so that our customers immediately benefit from new features and functionalities. In 2022, I expect centralized pricing management to become part of Business Central. What is that and what benefits does it offer?

A new pricing structure

Users of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are used to setting up pricing structures for different matters. Hourly rates of employees, spare part pricing, discount structures, charges, etc. For the time being, these are set up and managed in various places; decentralized so to say. This is expected to change in 2022 with an update of Business Central. Microsoft comes with centralized pricing management: the setup and management of all pricing structures in one location.

How far is Microsoft with this?

The technical part has already been implemented by Microsoft and I expect that Microsoft will roll out this functionality, and thus make it available to customers, sometime in 2022.

"Managing all prices in one place is clearer and saves a lot of time and effort."

How far are we at Dysel?

Dysel's developers and consultants already have access to this functionality and we are analyzing how the current pricing structure can be transferred to this new setup. That is a challenging job, but by already working on this we still have enough time to design, develop and implement this in our Dysel solution. Consultants and developers work closely together on this. The consultants know in detail how our customers work and how they benefit from this improvement in Business Central. Our developers know exactly what is technically possible and how the solution proposed by the consultants can actually be realized in the system.

What are the benefits of centralized pricing management?

Very simple: managing all prices in one place is clearer and saves a lot of time and effort. Many Dysel customers have price settings and structures for different departments, for example for discounts on new or used sales objects, rental rates, service technicians' rates, spare parts pricing, etc. Setting up as well as managing these different pricing structures takes a lot of time. With centralized pricing management, this becomes a lot easier.

Want to know more?

Curious about the details? Here's everything you need to know about centralized pricing management: