Business Intelligence for equipment dealers; this is what you need

This is a challenge for every company: obtaining the right management information that enables you to take better decisions. Among the many Business Intelligence tools on the market are excellent solutions for all kinds of organizations. But what kind of BI solution do you need as an equipment dealer?

Tailored to the equipment management industry

Business Intelligence solutions are set up generically. This way they can be used by any type of organization. However, as an equipment dealer you have very specific requirements regarding the business insights you are looking for. Think about sales, rental, service, parts and the equipment fleet. Your BI tool must therefore be tailored to the equipment industry. With KPIs that are interesting for equipment dealers. And the development, implementation and support of the BI solution must be done by a party specialized in equipment dealers. When you are talking to a BI consultant who knows exactly how equipment dealers work, you will hear from him or her what you need in a BI tool instead of explaining what you think you need. And a specialized BI partner will continue to proactively improve the BI tool based on new insights and developments in the industry.

Integrated with your ERP system

Data is crucial in Business Intelligence. Accurate, high-quality, complete and up-to-date data. And from what sources do you obtain the data? From your ERP system of course! The ERP system is the most complete source of information within your equipment dealership. It contains all relevant data from all departments and processes. That is why it is important that the BI tool that you work with is integrated with your ERP system. Not a stand-alone system, but a solution that is based on complete, real-time information that is available in the ERP system. An additional advantage of BI integrated with ERP is that it increases the acceptance by users. Because when you work with a BI solution, you want to be sure that you look at complete, accurate and up-to-date information.

"Within your equipment dealership you may have experts in BI, but also employees who want to use the tool without any training. You need a tool that is interesting for both types of users."

Extensive capabilities, yet easy to use

A BI solution must offer endless possibilities to look at data from every perspective, to retrieve every piece of information and to answer every question related to company information. At the same time, a BI tool must be user-friendly and easy to access, making the threshold for every employee of the company to work with it low. Within your equipment dealership you may have experts in BI, but also employees who want to use the tool without any training. You need a tool that is interesting for both types of users.

Want to try how it works?

Are you curious about a Business Intelligence tool, created specifically for equipment dealers? You will find a demo on our Business Intelligence page. Not one to watch or for which you need our instructions, but an interactive demo that you can try without instructions. We would love to hear what you think of it!

Bjorn Schouten is Business Intelligence Consultant at Dysel and helps customers to turn data into valuable management information.




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