5 reasons to upgrade to Business Central

Do you work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision)? Then you are already familiar with the power of Microsoft as your ERP platform. But do you also know its successor: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? Here are 5 reasons for any organization working with NAV to upgrade to Business Central:

1. Great user interface

Microsoft is known for providing a great user experience with their products. And with Business Central they have absolutely succeeded again. The system looks fresh and modern, and is easy to learn and use. When you work with NAV, and certainly with an older version of NAV, it takes some time to get used to Business Central. But users quickly understand how the system works and will see the change as improvement.

2. Continuous innovation by Microsoft

Microsoft stands for continuous innovation. Standing still is going backwards. Since Microsoft took over the Danish Navision in 2002, every new version of the product has proven to be a step forward. With the switch to Business Central, we can even speak of a giant step forward. And with new releases that will follow each other rapidly, as a Business Central user you can be sure you remain up to date.

"Quick and easy access to your business system on any device. That becomes reality with Business Central."

3. Access via web browser

Quick and easy access to your business system on any device. That becomes reality with Business Central. Whether you work on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, you have direct access to Business Central through the web browser. For a perfect experience you choose of course for Microsoft Edge, but Business Central is also accessible via other browsers.

4. Customizations under control

All customer-specific adjustments and extra modules and applications can be connected to Business Central with Extensions. Separate additions to Business Central so to say. By doing the development separately in Extensions, Business Central and all associated applications are under control. This makes you flexible when it comes to changing needs and new wishes.

5. Endless possibilities to grow

The opportunities to grow are endless with Business Central. The system communicates perfectly with other technology, new versions follow each other very fast, the number of Extensions that can be connected to Business Central is enormous and is increasing every day. If you have the ambition to grow and you want to be flexible with changing and new wishes, then Business Central is the best choice.

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