5 reasons to choose for Dynamics 365 Business Central

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft offers a very powerful ERP solution for SMEs. Of course with extensive functionalities and possibilities, but that goes for more ERP systems. These are 5 other important reasons why you should manage your business with the help of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

1. You want a future-proof system

When selecting an ERP system, you look beyond the here and now. It will be a choice for many years and so you only want to invest in a future-proof solution. With Dynamics 365 Business Central you are on the right track. Microsoft is a large, stable organization with extensive knowledge and experience in the development, marketing, distribution and support of ERP software. They continue to invest in innovations and developments in order to remain the number one in ERP software. As a user of Dynamics 365 Business Central you can also rely on an extensive, worldwide network of support partners. If the requirements and wishes of your organization change over the years, there is the flexibility to easily add new features and users. The excellent integration with other Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook also make Dynamics 365 Business Central a top choice for the future.

2. You want a user-friendly system

Microsoft attaches great importance to the user interface. With years of experience in offering software solutions to countless customers, they know that software can only be successful when it is user-friendly. And so, Dynamics 365 Business Central looks great, is recognizable and is intuitive to use. With the look & feel of other Microsoft products, every user can learn to work with the system quickly and easily. Microsoft extensively tests how users experience the layout, menus, buttons and colors. Because of the user-friendliness of the system you only need limited training and support and your employees work pleasantly and quickly with the system.

"Microsoft continues to invest in innovations and developments in order to remain the number one in ERP software."

3. You work internationally

Dynamics 365 Business Central is perfect for companies that operate internationally. Multi-currency, multi-entity, multilingual; no problem with Dynamics 365 Business Central. The system is designed to meet the standards and regulations that apply in the European Union, North America, or the rest of the world. And if something changes, such as the Brexit (Great Britain leaving the European Union), a solution, if required, is created and added at lightning speed. So, if your organization has branches, customers and/or suppliers in multiple countries or even continents, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an excellent choice.

4. You work for an SME

SMEs need a solid, but also flexible software solution. Your company and your customers, suppliers and partners are constantly on the move, new technologies follow each other faster and faster, and economic and political developments influence your requirements to automation. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers the flexibility that you need. You can easily scale up and down in users and add extra features. Microsoft is like no other party capable of applying modern technology in user-friendly and practical applications. And with new releases of Dynamics 365 Business Central you can be sure that you have an ERP system that is able to deal with any recent developments that affect businesses.

5. You want an industry-specific ERP solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is sold by many Microsoft partners around the world. Partners can perfectly add functionalities to Business Central to create an industry-specific ERP solution. If a generic software solution is too limited in terms of features and options and you need an ERP system that is tailored to your industry, then you should certainly consider Business Central.

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Remko Gaastra

Chief Executive Officer

Remko Gaastra joined Dysel in 2014 to manage Dysel North America and global marketing and sales. His previous entrepreneurial successes make Remko with over 30 years of experience in sales, business development, and management a perfect partner for anyone who wants to grow his/her business. He knows how IT can make a difference but is also aware of the risks. Since January 1, 2020, Remko is CEO at Dysel.

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