4 Requirements to a mobile software solution

A survey by Frost & Sullivan reveals that in 2015 already 53% of North American companies have deployed mobile software solutions to at least some degree. Another 23% of companies plan to introduce the solution within the next 1-3 years. Whether it is to automate the field service department, support your sales people, or to have 24/7 insight into KPIs and management reports; mobile software applications can really boost your business. Is your organization about to select a mobile software solution? You should at least pay attention to these four requirements in your selection process:

Easy and intuitive user interface

A mobile software solution must be easy to learn and use. A simple and intuitive user interface contributes to this. Data entry needs to be simple and the user should be guided in a natural way through a well-arranged and neat menu. This way you reduce the threshold for your employees to work with the mobile solution, you will prevent frustrations and you will shorten the training time significantly.

Suitable for all mobile devices

Mobile devices come in all shapes and sizes; from smartphones and tablets to laptops and notebooks. And each device's specifications and operating system may be different. Make sure that the mobile software application you choose does not impose limitations to which hardware you use. Freedom in what type of device and what operating system you can work with are extremely important, especially when taking future technological developments into account.

Do your work anytime and anywhere, even offline

The main reason to start using a mobile software solution is of course to have access to your system anytime and anywhere. During a customer visit, but also in the evening on your couch at home. But what not every mobile solution provides is the ability to continue your work when you are offline. This can be very important to your organization. When you temporarily do not have internet access, you should not be forced to grab pen and paper.

Integrated with the ERP system

To get the most out of your mobile software solution, an integration with your ERP system is necessary. This gives you access to real-time and up-to-date information at any time. Data entered by mobile users is immediately visible at the office and vice versa, mobile users are ensured that the information they view is up to date and accurate.

What other requirements you need to pay attention to depends of course on your organization and for which processes you want to use the mobile software solution. Make sure you define the project accurately and do not take hasty decisions.

Remko Gaastra is President of Dysel USA and responsible for Marketing. He discusses on a day-to-day basis the risks and challenges (potential) customers experience with software.

Remko Gaastra

Chief Executive Officer

Remko Gaastra joined Dysel in 2014 to manage Dysel North America and global marketing and sales. His previous entrepreneurial successes make Remko with over 30 years of experience in sales, business development, and management a perfect partner for anyone who wants to grow his/her business. He knows how IT can make a difference but is also aware of the risks. Since January 1, 2020, Remko is CEO at Dysel.

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