4 reasons why Business Central is easy to learn and use

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is embraced by more and more companies. One of the key benefits of Business Central is that you quickly learn how to use the system. This shortens the implementation project and ensures a pleasant user experience. But why is Business Central so easy to learn and use?

1. "Tell me what you want to do"

Business Central's search function answers all your questions. This function can be consulted in the ribbon at the top of your screen at any time and not only helps you to find the right field or to get to the right page, it goes much further than that. For example, when you type "Payments", you will be offered the following help:

  • Where payments are on the current page;
  • What other pages there are that are also about payments, such as "Receive customer payments" or "Register customer payments";
  • Which reports and analyzes there are that are about payments;
  • What documentation about payments is available;
  • What apps there are in Microsoft Appsource that might be of value to you.

"Another big advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the huge user community."

2. The Role Centers

The home pages in Business Central are the Role Centers and these have been developed to provide information to users that is relevant for their role. For example, for Sales, Finance, Rental, Service or Parts. In your start screen you immediately see the KPIs that are important to you, you have tiles containing your workload and progression and you can quickly initiate actions that you frequently take. But you can make it even easier for yourself by customizing the Role Center. Via "Settings" you select "Personalize" and in that mode you can move or hide parts in the Role Center. You can always revert all or part of these changes later. You can personalize the menu at the top, the "Quick Access" buttons, the headlines, and all other page sections.

3. Intuitive colors, icons and screens

No other software company pays as much attention to the user interface as Microsoft. Although Business Central is a business system and therefore aimed at the B2B market, Microsoft realizes that the end user is a person and that this user wants an optimal experience. This makes the system extremely intuitive and user-friendly. This is reflected in the layout of the menus and screens, but also in the use of colors and icons. Anyone who has some experience with Microsoft software programs (and almost all of us have) will immediately have a head start in learning to work with Business Central. Users for whom the system is completely new will become familiar with it very quickly.

4. There is always someone who can help you

Another big advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the huge user community. With hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics partners and the many thousands of customers and end users, there is always someone who can help you. Extensive documentation is available, there are numerous instructional videos, forums where you can ask your questions and companies with Business Central specialists to solve your problem.