3 reasons why your ERP partner should be an industry expert

Your ERP software partner must understand software. That makes sense. But what is even more important is that your ERP partner knows all about the industry you operate in! Here are three reasons why:

1. You need a high-level discussion partner

Whether you are about to start an ERP implementation, are in the middle of this process or need support; you are often and frequently in conversation with your ERP partner. And then you want a partner who can discuss things on your level. Now, you will also have technically related questions and questions about the software, but also strategic matters and process related topics you would like to discuss together. Such as:

  • How can the process from quote to invoice be organized as well as possible?
  • Which reports and KPIs do I want to have?
  • How can I increase the revenues of my rental fleet?
  • What can I do to improve the efficiency of my service department?

Someone who only specializes in software and technology is not going to help you with this. You need an industry expert. Someone who has helped and still helps many similar organizations. One that knows the best practices of the industry and for whom only half a word from you is enough to advise and support you.

"Choose a proven successful ERP system that is used by similar organizations in your industry and choose for a partner with a strong focus on your industry."

2. It's all about supporting your business processes

Too often ERP is considered an IT topic, whereas it is much more a business topic. Of course, it is a software system, where the IT staff plays an important role in the installation, implementation and support. But the real added value of ERP software lies in supporting your business processes. And so you need a partner who knows and understands your business processes. A software company that has never helped an organization in your industry will have a hard time helping you. Not only will their software sytem not have the capabilities that your organization needs, they will also not understand well enough how your organization works, what challenges you encounter and what opportunities there are. An industry expert can use his experience and insights to improve and optimally support your business processes. An industry expert also has an ERP system that is fed with all the input and knowledge gained from supporting similar companies for years. After all, every organization is unique, but organizations operating in your industry will also have many of the same problems, challenges and opportunities you have.

3. You want an ERP system that grows with your business

Suppose you develop an ERP system perfectly tailored for your company from scratch together with a software company. Apart from the fact that this costs a lot of time and money, it is also not wise to do this with respect to the future. This is not future proof. You can develop a system that meets your current requirements and wishes, but it must also grow with you. You need an industry expert for that, because:

  • He knows and keeps track of the developments in the industry and applies this in the software development.
  • He picks up ideas and knowledge from other companies that make the software better and from which you also benefit.
  • This industry expert benefits from continuously improving and fine-tuning your ERP system, because a larger customer base works with it and not just your organization.

Therefore, choose a proven successful ERP system that is used by similar organizations in your industry and choose for a partner with a strong focus on your industry.